At Snapfile the security of your data is our highest priority.

How we protect your files

Snapfile is designed with multiple layers of protection across a distributed, reliable infrastructure. Securely access files from desktop, web, and mobile, anywhere, anytime. Our file sharing requires users to be registered on the Snapfile platform which significantly increases the layers of security for document sharing. Despite this our platform is blazingly fast.

Snapfile protects your files in transit between our our users and our servers as well as at rest. Our infrastructure is regularly tested to identify and patch vulnerabilities.

How we protect your privacy

It's our responsibility to protect your files from unauthorised access. Only you can access your files. When people put their files in Snapfile, they can trust they’re secure and their data is their own. Our users’ privacy will always be our number one priority.

How to protect your account

Snapfile provides state of the art security from our end, but only you can control your password. It’s your key, so keep it safe and never disclose it to anyone. Choose a unique, strong password and create a password that you don't use anywhere else, and make it hard to guess.

Monitor account activity

Each time you log in to Snapfile the activity history is displayed on your dashboard. Every share, download, invite or acceptance can be verified and monitored. Shared files are grouped by the person or business they are shared with (and vice versa) and you can stop that connection instantly - removing all shared files between you and that connection.

Watch out for phishing and malware

Attackers may try to steal sensitive information by pretending to be Snapfile or other services you trust. Be on the lookout for unfamiliar emails, websites, and links that try to trick you into entering your password or other sensitive information.