Snapfile is a free online filing system for people and a powerful tool for business.

For personal users:

Other file store services like Dropbox and Box have been designed around collaboration, and are incredibly successful at what they do. Snapfile was designed as a personal secure back up with highly secure file sharing capabilities. Its not a collaboration tool but a world class back stop for everyone to use.

For Businesses

Unlike other services Snapfile provides business with the ability to offer a valuable, free product to their clients whilst displaying their company brand and contact details each time a new user is added. It’s a simple, powerful tool. In addition, Snapfile provides off site storage for business files making distribution, sharing, storage and back up simple and safe.

What makes us different?

For our personal users we create products that are simple and we keep them that way. We track sharing through connections allowing ‘instant off’ sharing of every file shared with them. Our free storage is generous and our paid storage is one of the best value products in the world.

We add value to our businesses by encouraging them to provide Snapfile free to their clients together with their brand, building a unique customer focused network of people and businesses. There is enough storage for most small/medium businesses no matter what they do.