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Snapfile is a free online filing system.

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Online filing system

Snapfile makes life easier by helping you organise, store and locate important documents easily and securely online. Every document has its place, neatly stored and easily located. Files can be uploaded from any device, scanned or snapped with a phone camera. You can even retrieve them from Dropbox or Google Drive.

Business Directory

The Business Directory offers you a wide range of businesses to browse and connect with. Search businesses by name or postcode and connect with them. Once connected, they can share and request documents securely from you and you from them.

Sharing files

Once your files are securely uploaded, you can access them from any location, and share them at the click of a button. Our search function helps you find important documents quickly and easily. You can also share large files with no limits on size. Share with friends or with businesses you work with it's as easy as a click away.

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